5 Reasons Why Design-Build Is Rapidly Growing In Construction

Design-Build is not a new concept in the construction industry. In the past, the design-build process was avoided by many developers due to legal concerns over accountability and liability. However over the last couple of years those concerns have been addressed and the process has evolved to involve a more hands-on approach at an earlier stage in the project. Design-build has steadily grown in popularity and has become the choice of many developers looking for greater R.O.I. Here’s how the design-build process can help you on your next project.


Reduced Project Costs By

1. Simplification of communications and reduction in management time

2. Elimination of redundant documentation

3. Integration of value engineering into the entire project cycle

4. Reduction of overall delivery time


Accurate Budgets

With design-build a total project budget is established at the beginning of the project- this normally includes a fixed design fee and a tight implementation budget or GMP (guaranteed maximum price). Establishing an accurate budget at the beginning of the project eliminates last minute surprises.


Design Control

With design-build, a single source structure reinforces collaboration, reduces adversarial interactions, promotes informed dialogue and establishes a common purpose for design and fabrication. Well-designed signage, delivered on-time, and on-budget … that is what I call REAL design control.



A design-build single source helps to preempt disputes about product quality, construction detailing, and project scope (is a particular sign included or not?). Eliminate finger pointing.



Design-build has a collaborative mindset at its core. The entire AEC community is moving in this direction as evidenced by its growing adoption of IPD (Integrated Project Delivery), a project management structure that emphasizes transparent information and risk sharing. Design-build signage programs would enable our community to get up and ride the crest of a wave, rather than plodding along in back of it.

Learn more about the Weidner Design-Build Collaboration process and how it has contributed to the success of several placemaking projects.


Posted by Travis Veigas

President at Whitney Veigas, Travis manages a design-build firm that specializes in architectural sign projects for corporate and institutional clients on the East Coast.
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