5 Rules of Strong Brand Communication

Shake a person’s hand, and you learn a lot. Are they confident and strong? Comfortable or nervous? These signs indicate whether you can trust a person, strike a deal with them, and entrust that they will come through when you need them to. The same is true about a solid brand identity.

Whether it’s strength communicated in a well fabricated pylon or the dependability of a recognizable brand mark on the side of a building, these impressions go far deeper than what meets the eye. For more than 60 years, discerning brands from across the globe have turned to WeidnerCA to help them communicate clear, strong brand messaging. So when Sares Regis was looking for a team that could help them elevate a newly developed real estate asset The Pierce, they came to us.

Collaborating with the developers, architects, and the design team at Ross Luthin Creative, WeidnerCA helped Sares Regis develop a brand, wayfinding and signage program unmatched in quality. To accomplish the client’s goals, our team focused on these five rules of strong brand communication:

1. Define The Brand

Before anything, define the brand’s personality, tone, it’s mood and aspiration. What’s the voice of the brand – is it Morgan Freeman, or Bruce Springsteen? Who are the customers, what do they care about? Answer these questions to develop definitions for the brand.

2. Differentiate Your Identity

In today’s marketplace, your brand has to offer something no one else can. Likewise, your brand’s identity has to be unique and memorable. Consider your competition – what do they look like, what colors do they use, what shapes? Dare to be different.

3. Dig Deep

This one is hard. At your core, in your gut, why does your brand exist? What unique service or good are you providing, and how are you making lives better, easier, safer? Knowing your purpose will help you understand how to clearly communicate with your customers.

4. Don’t Stray

Consistency reinforces your business’s brand and your customer’s awareness of what to expect from your service or product. Don’t stray from your core messages, whatever you determine them to be. Say the same thing over, and over to drive it home.

5. Deliver Your Promise

A brand is nothing if it isn’t associated with high quality, under budget, before deadline achievements. You can create the most dynamic brand identity in the world, but if you fail to tie it to confidence and delivery, it will be ruined.

The results were fantastic. WeidnerCA’s team of skilled craftsmen created a comprehensive signage and wayfinding package that was code compliant and anchored with a 20 foot marquee, cantilevered from the building for maximum dramatic effect. If you’re looking to upgrade your brand assets, we don’t just talk the talk. WeidnerCA promises that no one can beat our delivery, premium craftsmanship, and exceptional expertise.

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