Left to Right: Jack Banville – Retired Managing Director VSP Optical Laboratory, Greg Nelson – Founding Principal Altitude Design Office, Jack Cornelius – CPA Cornelius & Company, Gary Brooks – Retired President VSP Vision Care, Thom Gilbert, Retired CPA Gilbert Associates

Advice 2.0: Thoughts on Building a Board of Advisors

Establishing an Advisory Board is relatively simple; appreciating the benefits and the ability to accept the opinions of others can be a challenge. Overcome these and you are well on your way to building a healthy business and sleeping better at night.

For over 25 years the Weidner family has embraced the idea of having a group of hand-picked advisors, our Board. Meeting on a bimonthly basis has delivered value beyond measure. Working from an established agenda of core topics, financial, production, staffing, customer satisfaction, annual goals and progress we continue to strengthen our foundation.

When choosing your Advisory Board consider:

  • – Looking for people with successes in their business, especially those who are progressive thinkers and have weathered various economic cycles.
  • – Diversity of disciplines. Example, an accountant, someone with sales and or marketing experience and a person who has run a successful business.
  • – Lastly someone highly regarded and who knows the movers and shakers in your community.

Where to look… ask your banker or accountant for names. You might look to your favorite civic organization, Rotary or the Chamber of Commerce for example.

Lastly gray is good! It typically comes with wisdom, time to commit and a desire to give back.

While WeidnerCA approaches its 63rd year in business, a fair amount of our success goes to those who have been helping guide us from behind the scenes.