Capitol Towers

Branding For The Modern Urban Dweller

It’s no secret the new Kings arena is pushing downtown Sacramento to the forefront of hip and cool. The rebounding affect? Owners are renovating their properties and for good reason. Urban dwellers are much more design-conscious these days. Project branding, graphics and signage each play an important role in creating a memorable and positive impression.

WeidnerCA, in collaboration with FPI Management and Kennedy Wilson, sought to bring a new energy to downtown Sacramento’s Capitol Towers. The process began with a goal alignment session leading to a study to determine how residents and the public interacted with the property.

Our team also looked for ways to enhance the dated public parking garage. We observed and determined, amongst other things, that the garage elevator tower was the intersection between pedestrian and vehicular traffic. People often used it as a rendezvous point prior to walking to their destination.

Rather than enhancing the tower with signage, our design team took the opportunity to create an architectural feature that would bring attention to the property branding. The design utilized stainless steel cables that span from the base to the top of tower, accentuating the linear lines of the structure. The tenant wayfinding panels run perpendicular to the cables creating an intersection of lines.

The property branding was reinforced in other areas such as the parking vehicular blade sign and leasing office signage. We also worked closely with FPI Management in developing a color scheme to paint the parking structure to accent our design features.

The end result was a slam dunk success. Our client’s goals were exceeded. Equally important, the overall feedback from tenants has been very positive. Now bring on the Kings!

Capitol Towers Luxury Apartments – Sacramento, CA

FPI Management, Inc.

Design-Build Contractor