A Textbook Example of Identity Graphics & Place Making


Upbeat, theme-driven environmental graphics for Chegg’s new corporate headquarters reinforced the company’s services as a provider of scholastic materials, including print and electronic textbooks. Life-size silhouettes of students, Greek Row insignia, and mascot logos from leading colleges and universities throughout the country transformed an unremarkable Class A suburban office space into a unique, dynamic workplace. A straightforward signage program was complemented by large graphic words that brand and characterize departments, such as finance and administration, within the company.

Operating in a Design Assist Build capacity, WeidnerCA executed the themes chosen by the client and its design team, planned sign locations, ensured code compliance, and adhered to a strict budget throughout the manufacturing and installation processes.

From the rampaging elephant of the Alabama Crimson Tide to the snarling ferocity of the Cal Bears, dynamic environmental graphics added a sense of fun to the interior spaces at one of the Silicon Valley’s most successful startup companies.

Office tenant improvements consisting of identity design, master sign program design, and environmental graphics.

Chegg, Santa Clara, CA

Creative Team
Denise Helm (DHA)
Studio O+A
Archespace Design
Staprans Design
Ross Luthin Creative