Cycling Summits for Scouts

Last year I wrote a piece titled “How To Use Doubt To Your Advantage;” and taking my own advice I signed up along with 3,500 other crazies for the 34th Annual Tour of the California Alps (aka the Death Ride). The one day event sells out within hours of registration opening so I was lucky to make the cut. Or so I thought…

Here comes the doubt… No way could I ride 130 miles over 5 passes while climbing 15,000 feet! Why even try? Simple, my ego wanted the coveted finishers’ jersey! Never mind if my 60+ year old body could deliver the strength and stamina.


Regardless, last January the ”2014 Death Ride” became my latest bucket list item.

Then came an idea that would ​ motivate​ me while supporting one of my favorite charities, the Boy Scouts of America, San Francisco Bay Area Council. Next you know I’m designing a jersey and selling sponsorships à la NASCAR. The thought of sending a few Bay Area inner-city boys to camp gave me the added horsepower I needed to stay focused on my goal. It mentally locked me in; those boys were counting on me! To date I’ve raised over $2,000 with hopefully more to come.

Seven months of training which included riding 2,433 miles with 109,980 feet of climbing and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Today FedEx delivered the jersey. Looks like all systems are good to go!

Whether I make three passes or all five, the lessons learned along the way will remain with me. Staying focused on a goal that’s good for me and others knows no limitations.


Special thanks to the following sponsors:
Frank M. Booth, Inc.
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