Introducing WeidnerCA

What is WeidnerCA?

WeidnerCA is a California based company offering Signage and Graphics to Brand the Built Environment.

Why did Weidner Architectural Signage change it’s name?

We out grew branding ourselves as just Architectural Signage fabricators. Our goal has always been to stay current with our clients needs. Our new name gives us much greater depth in what we offer.

What changes will I see from WeidnerCA?

Very few changes in the way we do business, however you will notice our team offering more choices with what we propose to help our clients achieve their signage, graphics and “place making needs”

So what kind of products will you be offering?

Over the recent years we’ve seen spaces and places becoming more tailored to guide the users’ experience. Large scale environmental graphics on the walls, windows, glass partitions, even themed light fixtures are now considered in the designers quest to make memorable places. We have much of the equipment or trade partners to support that effort.