The New Normal

During the depths of the recession we’d hear people say someday things would get back to “normal”. How about those “someday” thinkers? Are they still waiting? Are we “back to normal”? Hardly.

Around here we consider “normal” things either outdated or suspect. Processes, systems and procedures all around us are constantly changing and being improved upon. “Challenge and improve” is our new “normal”.

As WeidnerCA enters our 60th year in business we thrive by thinking like a “start up”, not as “old timers”. We all know that longevity can make a company complacent and set in its ways or rich with wisdom and bullish with enthusiasm. We choose the later.

A thriving business today belongs to those who use progressive thinking and creativity. Leveraging the ever expanding landscape of technology and innovation is how WeidnerCA is growing into the future. How about you?

Back to normal? Count us out!