The Mondavi Recognition Wall: For Philanthropy, It Was A Vintage Year

Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine & Food Science

The client and the setting for this project was the bustling campus of the University of California Davis, one of the country’s most honored educational institutions, just 10 miles from California’s capital, Sacramento.

This project was the design and installation of a donor recognition wall that would embody the ideals, branding and aesthetic of both the institute and the campus. The donor wall would also need to subtly allude to the donation amounts without revealing actual numbers, and create a focal point that would lead visitors into the institute.

Our team includes Fuel Creative with direction from UC Davis of Architects and Engineers.

The challenge was working within a confined space while disseminating a good deal of information. We also recognized that the display needed to be both expandable and changeable — and to recognize donors regardless of the size of their contributions.

What we did was use a series of overlapping 3form translucent panels, providing each donor with individual space while ensuring that the name of the institution was both given prominence and integrated into with the rest of the names.

The result was that we were able to address all of the stakeholders’ wishes by creating a donor display that utilized overlapping translucent colors and layers. The outcome was a display that revealed how all of the donors had worked together as a team to achieve a unified goal. Ultimately, the form and beauty of the display came through as clearly as the function; an art installation was born.

The Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science – Davis, CA

UC Davis

Fuel Creative Group

Weidner Architectural Signage